According to one prominent research, HR managers lose an average of 14 hours/week doing repetitive tasks that can be automated very easily. HR automation tools enable you to automate a significant part of mundane HR operations and empower you to focus better on high-value tasks with increased efficiency, accuracy, productivity, and profitability.

You can benefit immensely by using HR automation tools across the full HR spectrum, especially in these areas:

  • Recruitment
  • Onboarding
  • Performance Management
  • Payroll
  • Training
  • Workforce Planning

But to embrace its superb and ever-lasting benefits, you must start your digital transformation journey at the right note. Here, that ‘note’ begins by selecting the right HR automation partner. Unless you pick the right boat with a trusted navigator, you can’t reach the destined shore. Similarly, you can’t meet the desired business objectives through automation, unless you hire the right HR automation partner.

This blog gives you all the important information to help you select the right HR automation partner.

1. Vertical Specific Experience

While thinking of rolling out an HR automation solution in your enterprise, search for someone who carries vast experience in delivering leading-edge HR automation bots. Someone with a credible and successful track record. Your HR automation partner should have a clear understanding of HR business processes, strategic roadmap, best-fit use cases, and business goals that you want to attain through automation. It helps in faster turnout, assists enterprises in getting good ROI in a very quick time, and eliminates the chances of automation failure remarkably.

2. Diverse Industry Exposure

HR automation partners having exposure in your field (HR) is considered as good. But the best HR automation partner is the one that carries diverse industry exposure. Someone that has worked for various high-value industries of different sizes in the past. Such partners can bring greater value to your HR automation program by using powerful strategies/tactics that your industry is not so familiar with. It can give you a competitive edge and make your HR automation program much more robust, distinct, and evolved as compared to others in the industry.

3. Proven Way to Structure and Prioritize

HR process automation is a complex task. You need to be extra careful while selecting the right HR processes to automate. Your HR automation partner must be capable of doing a precise process discovery campaign to prioritize the areas of potential automation. You should be able to get the ROI details and various tangible & intangible benefits in advance so that you also can decide the scope of automation and what value you are going to get. Check the working structure and different stages of automation and how the partner plans to execute it from ideation to actual roll-out. It can help you in gaining better visibility about the working and timelines of the project.

4. Compliance Understanding

Your HR process automation partner must be aware of regulatory constraints in your industry. There are various governing protocols that a company needs to adhere to while running HR operations. A good and clear understanding in this aspect will help you create a proper automated HR system that can give you alerts whenever it finds any violations as per governing policy. It makes you better aware about compliance failure and gives you the time to act swiftly before you could end up paying hefty financial penalties. In the worst-case scenario, legal trouble as well.

5. Approach Towards Scalability

HR business processes constantly evolve as per business requirements, time, and industry’s best practices. Therefore, your HR automation partner must have a holistic view of the entire organization and must have the capability to foresee the future, definitely to a certain extent, so that wherever a need arises to scale the scope of automation further, you can do so without any hassle.

The best HR automation partner always has a clear understanding and capability to scale RPA to other parts of the business without starting from scratch. Remember, as you grow, your business grows, your HR automation system should also be flexible enough to expand without giving you any trouble.

6. Close Eye on Data Security

No matter in which industry you work, data theft has become more common. Unauthorized access to confidential details and data protection due to technical failure or natural calamity are other reasons that bother every business leader of almost every industry. The HR industry is no exception to it.

HR automation best practices give special emphasis on data protection. Your HR automation solution provider should have a system in place to maintain a reliable system of defense. It must have the capabilities to prevent data theft and illegal access to it at any cost. Make sure your partner has a clear understanding and expertise in managing data storage, retrieval, backup, and migration operations well.

7. Customer Support

Enabling automation for HR management gives you enormous benefits. But unless you have a robust support team in place, you cannot enjoy the fruits of automation the way you desire. You need to understand that HR automation is a highly technical project where technical issues can come at any point in the future. Solving issues on time is critical for uninterrupted access to automated bots and in keeping business processes running smoothly.

Therefore, while hiring a third-party vendor, make sure to select the right enterprise that can treat you as a partner and not just as a customer. Someone that can always be ready to fix bugs, manage updates, and share their technical expertise in case of any trouble. It will make your digital transformation journey more successful.

Best HR Automation Tools

The list is endless but we have sorted some of the best, highly reputed, time & money-saving HR automation tools:

  1. TalentLMS
  2. EverythingBenefits
  3. Fuse Workforce Management
  4. Pingboard
  5. AllyO
  6. Asana
  7. WorkBright
  8. TINYpulse
  9. GoodHire

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