What’s the Difference between Attended and Unattended Robots?

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is becoming popular across the world. Its far-reaching business benefits are encouraging enterprises to embrace automation using the software ‘Robots’ or popularly called ‘RPA Bots’. While some tasks are automated using ‘Attended Robots’, others are executed best when done with ‘Unattended Robots’. It is interesting to note that while both

8 Real-World Use Cases of RPA in the Manufacturing Industry

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If you ask any technology expert about that one top sector that can be highly benefited from robotic process automation (RPA) then the name of the ‘Manufacturing’ sector will pop up on the top. It is one such sector that is heavily dependent upon rule-based voluminous work. Using RPA, you can enormously streamline a

Where is RPA Heading? 10 Best Predictions for 2022

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a revolutionary technology that is bringing exceptional digital transformation across the globe. Since its inception, it has come a long way and impressed everyone with its superb automation capabilities to drive more revenue. This fascinating technology is going to offer much more than what it delivered before. What are

Big Shift – BPO Readiness for Automation Gaining Momentum

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The concept of outsourcing was introduced to help businesses make a better profit. Since its early adoption, it has revolutionized the way enterprises do business. Now, one more thing has arrived to transform this ‘Outsourcing’ business to the next level. It is called ‘Robotic Process Automation (RPA)’. This fascinating technology is helping enterprises to

Transform Employee Onboarding Using RPA

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Employee onboarding is the first important stage where a new recruit interacts with an organization. Every employee wants to go through a seamless, smooth, and consistent onboarding experience. Employers also desire to build and nurture strong relationships with employees from start to finish. But inefficiencies during traditional onboarding practices create hindrances and affect the

Why Staff Augmentation for RPA Projects is Gaining Popularity?

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It is said that good talent is hard to find, challenging to retain, and difficult to replace. True? Isn’t it? Good resources are the backbone of any enterprise’s growth engine. They ensure forward momentum facing all adversities at ease and provide astounding results with their exceptional skills. Companies hire people on payroll to meet their business endeavours.

Ensure High Quality with Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

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Customers might get attracted towards a product/service based on its pricing but it is the quality that is remembered for a long time, even after the price is forgotten. This is the power of ‘Quality’, a parameter, based upon which the reputation and longevity of a business depend. Quality products/services help maintain customer satisfaction,

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