G Suite

G Suite offers a set of powerful tools to scale up small business.

It helps in managing businesses more effectively, improves workflow and builds communication between employees. A lot of success stories have been built upon leaders working closely internally and with customers, building loyal teams, solving problems together, and of course hiring the best people.

At VSynergizeGlobal we help you construct the business case and develop your Gsuite on the cloud.

Where are G Suite used?

Why Vsynergize Global?

  • We help you construct the business case and develop your Gsuite on the cloud.
  • We make sure you improve workflow, build loyal teams and communication between employees.
  • We enable you to manage your business more effectively.

Why Vsynergize Global?

  • We are trusted partner who can help you in providing cost effective solutions using the Gsuite tools.
  • We have a team which is proficient in configuring & deploying GSuite tools on the Cloud
  • We can assist you in mapping & implementing your workflows on Gsuite which will result in significant improvement in productivity & collaboration across your teams.
  • We will enable you to run your business more efficiently.

Advantages of G Suite

Work closer with customers

G Suite helps to collaborate more effectively with clients in the cloud by allowing storage and sharing of files of upto 5TB. Google Drive helps keep big design files in one place with the option of reviewing, editing or adding comments, by team members and clients, without transferring the files.

Make everyone part of the team

When bigger companies are spread out over numerous countries, G Suite makes it easier for a dispersed work force to connect. Teams can use Google Drive and Google Sites to share information about themselves and their work. G Suite makes online sharing a more personal, sociable activity, which also enhances retention and working culture.

Solve problems through engaged collaboration

G Suite helps to implement efficient collaboration processes to solve business problems. The strength of an organization depends on the cumulative knowledge of the employees. By giving teams the right tools to collaborate, they are encouraged to be productive and mobile and create and compete in new ways.

Simplify project management and team communication

G Suite has revolutionized how teams work together. With G Suite, they are more organized as everything from timelines, budgets and progress reports, are stored transparently online with the latest updates which are available for all to see anytime.

Streamline recruiting and onboarding

By using G Suite, companies can attract the best candidates from a huge pool of people from different locations and get them onboard. An organization can use shared tools like Google Docs for testing a candidate’s writing or coding skills in real time. Google Sheets and face-to-face Google Hangouts also help to conduct remote group interviews or offer a job.

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