6 HR Processes Ripe for Intelligent Automation

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Human resources (HR) is an essential department in each business but also an area that is often overwhelmed with plenty of paperwork. If your HR team is handling piles of documentation and sensitive data is everywhere within those piles, the chances of errors become very high. Every single paper must be signed, dated, and

5 Main Challenges of Employee Onboarding – and How RPA Can Solve Them

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Nowadays, businesses look for ways to find the best employees – employee onboarding is the first and most important step in an employee’s journey with an organization. Therefore, everyone is in dire need of an optimized onboarding experience. Doing that, the human resources (HR) team can improve employee-organization engagement, and top management can be

7 Important Factors to Consider While Selecting an HR Automation Partner

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According to one prominent research, HR managers lose an average of 14 hours/week doing repetitive tasks that can be automated very easily. HR automation tools enable you to automate a significant part of mundane HR operations and empower you to focus better on high-value tasks with increased efficiency, accuracy, productivity, and profitability. You can

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