We are a planet of nearly 8 billion people where every next second, four new people are added to the world population index. But did you know how many people die every year? It is approximately 60 million people, equal to the number of people living in South Africa. Many of such tragic deaths can be easily prevented if we efficiently use technology for healthcare.

Intelligent Automation (IA) is one leading-edge technology that if used optimally can prove to be a blessing for millions of people all over the world. This blog highlights how Intelligent Automation can help save millions of lives every year.

Helpful in Early Diagnosis

It is widely believed and reported in several media houses that the majority of the deaths (almost 70%) happen worldwide are caused due to chronic non-communicable diseases like diabetes, cancer, respiratory illness, cancer, heart-related issues, etc. The interesting thing here is that if the disease is detected in an early stage then the chances of recovery become higher and it can reduce the death rates as well by sharp and visible margins. Intelligent automation solutions by analyzing historical medical data can produce a quick and reliable diagnosis. Moreover, intelligent automation systems can produce results much faster than humans.

Boosts Research Speed

The quality and pace of medical research play an important role in saving human lives. Gone are those days when the industry had the patience to wait on to get output in an indefinite time period. Now the demand has changed drastically. Just take the example of COVID-19 vaccines. It took researchers less than 2 years to do thoughtful research and get something impactful to treat this deadly virus. Intelligent automation solutions by simulating the combination of molecules help greatly in medical research. It plays a vital role in clinical trials, documentation, and back-office medical work as well. Intelligent automation application enables human researchers to focus better on high-level cognitive tasks and thus makes the research process more efficient and faster.

Eliminates Medical Errors

According to one prominent research report, it is found that in the U.S. alone more than 250,000 people die due to medical errors every year. If the U.S. being a superpower and having just 4.25% (approx.) of the world population is facing such a challenge then just imagine how many people would die in the entire world due to medical errors. Many of such deaths can be easily prevented with the effective utilization of intelligent automation services.

  • IA technology can double-check prescriptions
  • It can identify discrepancies very easily without any human intervention
  • IA technology enforces medical professionals to follow best practices
  • It monitors patient’s health in real-time
  • Intelligent automation bots alert healthcare professionals without any delays and based on actual live conditions
  • It reduces the chances of negligence and errors while doing surgery

Makes Healthcare Facility Accessible

The population is growing at a rapid pace and so are diseases. But the force that is required to take care of such a gigantic population (almost 8 billion) is not sufficient. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there is an acute shortage of 4.3 million healthcare professionals globally. Intelligent automation technology can bring quality healthcare facilities to everyone just with a smartphone and internet connectivity. A wider net of easily accessible healthcare services can help millions of people to get the right treatment at the right time to save their lives.

Prevents Deaths from Traffic Accidents

According to the United States (U.S.) department of transport, 94% of traffic accidents are caused due to human error. Shockingly, nearly 13 lakh people die due to road accidents every year all over the world. Intelligent automation can be proved effective in reducing the number of accidents and thus successfully reduce the number of fatalities caused due to road accidents every year.

  • IA can detect when a driver seems drowsy and gives alerts in a quick time
  • Automatic sensors can be used to enhance the driver’s vision
  • Cruise control and autonomous driving further help drivers to drive more safely

Concluding Thoughts

Human lives are precious and we must do everything possible to save as many lives as we can. Although not all things are in our control, there are certainly many things that we can manage to prevent deaths. Usage of technology is one such thing. A careful and smart implementation of Intelligent Automation technology can prove extremely beneficial. This technology has the potential to prevent countless deaths which would otherwise create havoc in the lives of millions of families worldwide.