An eminent author once rightly said that life is a matter of choices and every choice you make, makes you. The same holds true while opting for Staff Augmentation Services. A right partner can help you elevate higher. But a wrong choice can derail your project progress enormously and impacts business fortunes adversely.

Therefore, it is vital to look into various diverse aspects of staff augmentation in great detail to select a perfect talent outsourcing partner. Here in this blog, we present to you all those key aspects that will help you make the right choice.

1. Understand Your Staffing Needs

Every company requires numerous people with distinct skill sets, experience, and educational backgrounds to do proper justice to specific roles. No two roles can be considered or treated as similar. Each role whether it is of a software developer, tester, project manager, team lead, marketing executive, or any other requires a distinct skill set. Therefore, before going out to search for an ideal staff augmentation service provider, first sit with your internal teams and analyze:

  • How many people are needed?
  • What different roles are required?
  • What should be the minimum eligibility requirements for an individual position?
  • Exact roles and responsibilities for each position offered?
  • What skills & competencies the candidate for each position must possess?
  • Which project/industry/technology exposure is a must?
  • For how much duration do you require candidates for each role?

Have a brief discussion regarding such things with key stakeholders and prepare documentation for better clarity. Once you build a recruiting roadmap, it will help you understand what kind of IT staffing solution you require and thus considerably assist you while negotiating with potential staff augmentation partners.

2. Check the Experience & Expertise of Staff Augmentation Partner

Never trust anything on just face value. Just like you do a thorough background check (work history & professional credentials) while hiring a permanent employee, you need to be equally careful while choosing a perfect staff augmentation organization. You can check various things to ensure that you are making the right decision like:

  • Check client base and the industry it served
  • Analyze business footprint as per geographical locations
  • Check whether the staff augmentation service provider possesses the expertise to deliver the skilled talent that you are looking for
  • Consult with the previous client to measure their satisfaction level
  • Check and evaluate reviews on various digital platforms like Clutch or Glassdoor to analyze the authenticity of staff augmentation services
  • Analyze the work history in great detail (years of experience in the industry, office locations, employee strength, revenue, etc.)
  • Check the business collaboration, tie-ups, certifications, and awards of staff augmentation solution provider

3. Evaluate International Market Reach

While hiring permanent resources, enterprises often missed out on many great talents due to geographical constraints. Companies search for people by putting a location filter while hiring and in cases when they try to go an extra mile by ignoring this filter, candidates do not usually find it convenient to relocate to a new city. It prevents enterprises from utilizing the expertise of the best available talents for their ongoing projects.

The staff augmentation model helps resolve this concern but there is a catch here. You need to check in detail whether your potential staff augmentation solution provider has a robust global talent network internationally or not. The companies that have connections worldwide with other recruiting agencies are best suited to offer great talent from across the globe. It helps organizations in obtaining greater business value with enhanced productivity and efficiency.

4. Assess Staff Augmentation Service Model

There are various aspects in the staff augmentation process that must be considered in great detail like:

  1. Communication Protocols: As staff outsourcing team members usually work from different locations, it is vital to understand the communication policy of staff augmentation service providers. An organization needs to communicate frequently to assess work progress, check performance, assign new tasks, give feedback, etc., to ensure smooth delivery of services. Look for a staff augmentation agency that has simple-to-use, clearly defined, and universally accepted communication protocols to enable a seamless flow of business-critical information without any hassle.
  2. Commitment to IP & Data Security: Data is the new age oil in today’s digital age that carries much more weight than any high-value currency. An enterprise’s growth is very much dependent upon how it deals, manages, and protects the integrity of data. Ensure that your potential staff augmentation enterprise is known for fulfilling IP and Data Security compliances. Any well-reputed talent outsourcing firm is ready to sign an NDA to fulfill the commitment to ensure robust data security and is liable for any prosecution/penalty in case of a breach. You can also check what different cyber security tools and access control mechanisms your potential staff augmentation solution provider uses to maintain data security.
  3. Hiring Techniques: An ideal staff augmentation solution provider does not depend upon a single source to get desired talent. It uses different channels and mediums to ensure the onboarding of the best talents. Check what different hiring techniques your agency uses and compare those aspects with your in-house hiring methods. Unless the hiring process of an outsourcing agency is more diverse, unique, modern, and expansive than yours, it won’t help you much.
  4. Pay Attention to Time & Cultural Differences: As external team members could be from any part of the world, it is very possible that they belong to a completely diverse and different culture. Their time zone may be different from yours. Therefore, it is important to understand how your agency solves this concern and ensures better coordination between team members. Culture and time differences could not affect the productivity and efficiency of business operations. Seasoned freelancers are well-versed to work with global clients despite all odds. Make sure your agency has such professionals with them.
  5. Basic Training is Must: It is the sole responsibility of staff augmentation solution providers to provide ready-made resources to enterprises that can be deployed quickly. Always check whether your client provides them necessary training before deployment or not. It is necessary to get enhanced productivity by availing staff augmentation services. Ensure that the cost & laborious efforts of training do not come on your shoulder. If it happens then it may delay your project delivery and distribute your focus elsewhere from your core business functionalities.
  6. Transparency: Is your talent outsourcing partner open to share the past work history of available talents with you? Are they ok to help you test and evaluate their potential before signing the contract? Is your agency ready to provide you with a transparent breakdown of costs, service level agreement details, and other business-critical factors in advance? Transparency for all such things is vital to build trust and set realistic expectations.

Choose a Right Staff Augmentation Partner

If you analyze a talent outsourcing agency based on listed factors then you will reach the right place without much effort. However, if you still find it difficult to pick the right one or have any queries related to staff augmentation then we can help you out right away.

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