IT Staff Augmentation is gaining popularity all over the world. It is changing the landscape of manpower management and helping organizations to get access to ready resources to generate greater profits. But along with its growing acceptance is also growing the ‘Myths’ surrounding it.

In this blog, we are going to debunk those popular theories related to IT staff augmentation that have no connection with the actual realities.

Myth 1# IT Staff Augmentation is Expensive

Truth: Embracing IT staff augmentation services is in fact very cost-effective. There are different types of costs involved, apart from basic salaries and bonuses when you hire an in-house resource. For example, the cost required for healthcare schemes, personal development, legal requirements, pension plan, provident fund, infrastructure, maintenance, payroll management, and various other expenses. When you hire IT staff augmentation services, you are not obligated to bear all such costs. Savings on these various direct and indirect costs associated with manpower management helps you run business operations at much-reduced costs than usually required.

Myth 2 # Too Much Risk and No Quality Work

Truth: Enterprises often perceive IT staff augmentation as a very risky thing. Many even fear that they might not get their job done on time. All such things have no connection with reality. In the Staff Augmentation model, seasoned professionals are linked to work on technical projects for which they carry solid experience. They possess all the skills required to complete projects as per business requirements while maintaining superb quality check in mind. Staff Augmentation teams are well aware about industry standards and understand the nitty-gritty of client’s requirements at granular scale. You can even check their professional track record and if desired, you can also verify their skills via tests before hiring them. Staff Augmentation service providers offer this benefit to everyone.

Myth 3 # No Control Over Project

Truth: Most of the people have exposure in handling managing resources at a single geographical location. That too within the four walls of their office space itself. This thing has created a feeling amongst management that people outside their office space are difficult to manage and they might not get the control to run a project hassle-free. It is again a misconception that needs to be debunked.

In the Staff Augmentation model, every resource hired is taught well in advance about their roles, responsibilities, expectations, and timelines. These people are industry experts with a proven track record of delivering successful projects. Moreover, the staff is nurtured and fully obligated to follow the instructions of yours. There is a clear hierarchy that gives you the ultimate power to manage the resources as required. You can schedule meetings, keep track of the project progress, assess the performance, give feedback, and even escalate any issue if it arises. Staff Augmentation company goes to every possible extent to empower your business with its talents.

Myth 4 # IT Staff Augmentation is for Big Enterprises

Truth: It is often said that staff augmentation suits big enterprises only, which again is a pure lie. Any organization, irrespective of size can manage its business operations with much reduced human labour cost using staff augmentation services. You do not need to worry about hiring, onboarding, training, and retaining employees. By hiring competent staff, you can add greater value to your projects. Moreover, there is no cap limit to hire a minimum number of talents. Whether you require a single resource or a team of 100, a staff augmentation firm can help you out very easily. For small enterprises, it is a great benefit.

Also, there are different types of staff augmentation subscription models available that further help small organizations to pick the most affordable and reasonable one suiting their business dreams.

Myth 5 # Data Integrity & Privacy Cannot be Ensured

Truth: As an enterprise doing business in today’s digital age, this concern seems real but wait. There is a solution for this. Remote staff is bound by various tight regulations, contracts, and NDAs to protect data integrity. You even enforce data security and access control mechanisms to enable restricted access to key data. At the same time, Staff Augmentation companies also reinforce a strict data protection policy and build suitable IT infrastructure to keep the confidentiality of business data safe. Further, advanced firewall settings and usage of adept data protection tools reduce the chances of data leakages.

Myth 6 # Communication and Coordination are Difficult 

Truth: There are various communication tools available in the market through which anyone can easily communicate and share information from remote locations. That too in real-time. For example, you can use Zoom for team meetings or video conferencing, Slack for quick chat communication, Dropbox for file sharing, Redbooth for task management, and so on. The list of communication and project management tools is endless. You can pick what suits you best and embrace such tools to ensure seamless and uninterrupted communication with remote team members. Staff Augmentation companies are well versed with such tools and give proper knowledge about all communication tools to their staff so that you can communicate with each one of them from day one without any hassle.

Myth 7 # IT Staff Augmentation Does Not Bring Great Business Value

Truth: Untrue to its core. Let us give a moment to explain why we are saying so. IT staff augmentation offers multiple benefits to enterprises like:

  • Easy access to a ready pool of talented individuals.
  • No time, money, and energy are required to search, hire, train, and retain employees.
  • No long-term strings attached. Avail their services till the time you require.
  • Zero effect of employee turnover on project delivery. Ready talent for the same skill set is always available to deploy. As and when required.
  • Brings manpower management costs under control.
  • You can expand or shrink the scope of the project as per market demand without any hassle.

All such benefits give you leverage to better focus on your core business functionalities. It saves your manpower management time and gives extended space for greater innovation. Overall, it results in completing projects faster with greater efficiency and quality.