IT Staff Augmentation is a popular outsourcing strategy to get access to ready-to-deploy high-skilled technical talent on a temporary or permanent basis. It allows businesses to augment the talent capacity of an organization as per the dynamic business requirements by hiring external team members. Skilled personnel here work as an extended part of an organization’s internal tech team to improve the pace, quality, and efficiency of projects.

There are basically two different types of IT staff augmentation model

  • Non-remote: People work from your own physical office.
  • Remote: Hired individuals work from distant locations. Far away from the actual office. They may be present in different countries or continents as well. The scope here is far wide with global footprints. The best part of this IT staff augmentation model is that you can get the services of the best talents in the world to fulfill your business requirements.

Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation Services

  1. Quickly Increase Team’s Capacity: Many times while working on a project enterprises need sudden enhancement in their technical team’s capacity. Hiring is an option but not the viable one in such a case. As it takes months of time to hire, onboard, train, and deploy resources on ongoing time-critical projects. Staff augmentation companies provide you with immediate access to quality tech talent without any much waiting.
  1. No Long Term Commitment: Staff augmentation services are designed keeping the enterprise’s business challenges in mind. It offers you the complete liberty and flexibility to utilize the services of external staff on a timely basis or project to project basis with no full-term employment commitment or liabilities in place. Upon completion of a project, you can freely relieve resources and end the contract.
  1. Broader Access to Global Talent: When companies hire in-house talent, they filter candidates based on geographic location. Many good candidates opt out of the race due to this. The Staff Augmentation model fixes this challenge. You can hire and use talent from any part of the world, irrespective of their geographic location or time zone. It gives you a great competitive advantage and assists in boosting performance substantially.
  1. Eliminate Overhead Costs: When you hire a permanent staff member on your payroll, you need to offer them many things apart from basic pay that cost a substantial amount of money. It includes insurance cost, training cost, hiring cost, bonuses, equipment cost, etc. With staff augmentation, you need not invest a single penny for all such things. Staff augmentation service providers take care of overhead costs. It helps enterprises in reducing overall manpower management costs.
  1. Talent with Credibility: Sometimes it becomes really challenging to find a good technical talent in the market. Especially, if you need candidates with some rare technical skills and competence. Staff augmentation service providers have a ready pool of talent available with diverse and distinct skill sets. Their shortlisted candidates possess exceptional skills with a proven track record. Even after rigorous hiring, they go through a carefully crafted training process. Only the best candidates finally enter into their meritorious talent pool. Before hiring, you can check their past record and even test their strengths for greater assurance.
  1. Operational Efficiency: Talents offered by staff augmentation companies do not need to teach the entire basics about the skills from scratch. They are well-trained in advance in their core skills. You just need to give them a little briefing about your project scope, requirements, and expectations to let them start working on projects asap. They can be deployed to work on projects much faster as compared to in-house resources and require little or no superior guidance to prove their worth. They are capable of working with complete ownership under tight deadlines with no supervision required. The talent of staff augmentation service providers is recognized for their delivery, accuracy, and exceptional quality in the industry.

Staff Augmentation V/S Project Outsourcing

Many people often get confused about staff augmentation and project outsourcing and unknowingly replace one term with another. But if you go into greater detail then you will find that both these things are completely different from each other.

In project outsourcing, an enterprise hires an external agency to work on a project from end to end with ‘complete ownership’. They are liable for managing, executing, and completing the project (with almost no strong control of the enterprise). If things go unwell at the start due to miscommunication, mismanagement, or incompetence at the agency’s end or things progress in a wrong direction, then project success derails. By the time you can act, it is already too late.

But in the case of staff augmentation, you retain complete control over resources and entire projects. You can orchestrate the project execution at your own pace, flexibility, and authority. As an enterprise, you are in complete control of everything to make necessary changes as the project progresses without waiting for the final end product/service to come. From staff selection, team training, task allocation, quality control, to feedback and change management, you have complete control to run the project and ensure desired success.

Is Staff Augmentation a Right Thing for My Business?

Staff Augmentation proves beneficial for all businesses, irrespective of industry, size, and revenue. But if you want to go into minute details then check whether you are facing these challenges or not?

  • Does the high operating cost of manpower management bother you?
  • Is there a dearth of good talent?
  • When team expansion in quick time seems challenging
  • Quality, efficiency, and project delivery time seem out of track
  • Finding challenges in hiring, training, and retaining top talents
  • Employee turnover is a big concern
  • Not performing as per global standards
  • Miserable team engagement and morale
  • Not confident about technical capabilities of existing resources

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘Yes’ then you are a perfect fit to embrace IT Staff Augmentation Services.

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